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Umelec, like other art magazines, discusses and reproduces art. In fact, the only thing that is original content is the writing for the magazine as well as the layout. The writing is diverse and timely and the images are of good quality but what affect does this mediation and interpretation have on us? How does verbalizing something visual, in different languages, and printing a second generation…

People ask me all the time: Is La Pocha Nostra (my performance troupe) being censored in the USA? Tired of silence and diplomacy, with my heart aching and my political consciousness swelling, I now choose to speak. As a child in Mexico, I heard adults whispering about blacklists, and those who named names. My older brother, Carlos, was involved in the 1968 movimiento estudiantil, and several of…

The subject of cannibalism has held various meanings and cultural connotations throughout history. Many diverse disciplines have approached its study and interpretation, tackling its origins and functions from different points of view. Since 1993, artist Cesar Martinez Silva (Mexico City, 1962) has been carrying out a series of actions called perforMANcenas,* performances related to the subject…

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Mexican (and Mexican-American) artists seldom have exhibits in Prague, but recently there has been a surge due to some group shows. At the abcd exhibition, “Art Brut,” there was the stunning work of Martin Ramirez (1895-1963), who was born in Jalisco, Mexico but lost his mind in America and died in a mental institution in northern California, and the overlooked Consuelo “Chelo” Gonazalez…

“So much coal everywhere!” said Navrátil, looking at the huge piles by the railway and down by the port. “I would say so!” nodded Pícha when the newcomer commented on one of the great things about Chicago. “That’s the factories, with so many engineers! And that is the sugar refinery.” He pointed at the huge, thirteen-floor building. “The tallest factory in the world. Many Czechs work there. And…

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Text: Michael Bracewell, Damo Suzuki, Peter Tatchell, Michael Clark, Holly Woodlawn, Greil Marcus, Camila Batmanghelidjh| ...
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From series of rare photographs never released before year 2012. Signed and numbered Edition. Photography on 1cm high white...
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