Dear friends and supporters of Perla


We have founded a non-profit association which will, in future, formally patronize our idea of making a creative and playful city  and back our process of building the new National Gallery.


Through this organization we will try to get professional, material and financial support of our ideas. We are not yet targeting at state funds and complicated funding programmes so as not to get overwhelmed by their conditions and requirements. We want to hold on our free minds and our simple organization which worked best until now.


We have been building Perla for nearly a year on the basis of the principles of voluntary work, material benefactions and mainly our own financial support. We will be very glad if you take part in its birth as well.


You can make a financial contribution to our transparent account number  2800715521/2010  (IBAN: CZ8120100000002800715521, BIC/SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX) which was opened at the Fio Bank. It will take you only a few clicks on our web and about two minutes of your time. Your money will help us fund the more demanding building adaptations (covering the holes in the floor, fitting and glassing the windows, lengthening of water piping and wiring), material (colours, wood, glass panels) and professional jobs that expand the possibilities of voluntary work (professionals for what we cannot do, as well as an accountant). Your contribution will help us prevent the visitors from a fall into the insides of the paper mill, Divus books and all the works of art will not get damp during the exhibitions, pictures will not be destroyed by dust while we are painting the house. And we can open more space for you and your creative activities.  


Good feeling is not the only thing you get for supporting us – you can also try our excellent coffee in the cafeteria which is going to open within weeks, and also good quality books from Divus (when donating over 500 CZK).  We can also send you a donation agreement. For further questions about donorship please contact Sylva at


The financial support is very important for further continuation of work on the National Gallery. If you would like to give us material support, to donate tools or equipment, get in contact with the architect of Perla at We appreciate and make use of many things in building our National Gallery.


We are cleaning, demolishing, building walls, isolating, securing, glassing, painting concrete, wood and iron and when we find time we will take up gardening again.  You can have a big influence on how Perla will thrive and flourish….


Your Perla. 



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