DIVUS PRAHA: Third F.N.A.F. = Festival of Naked Forms - !extreme bareness!
Third [b]F.N.A.F.[/b] = Festival of Naked Forms - [b]!extreme bareness![/b]

Third F.N.A.F. = Festival of Naked Forms - !extreme bareness!

01.09.2017 11:00 - 03.09.2017


A three-day educational event with a bare program ...

Besides classical Hellenic, pagan, and modern festivals of nudity, the program’s attractions also include the dark anonymity of a tactile darkroom and the as-yet undiscovered art form of natural bodyrot.

September welcomes a three-day educational event with the programme of nakedness. Besides classical Hellenic, pagan, and modern festivals of nudity the program’s attractions include dark anonymity of a tactile darkroom and the as-yet undiscovered art form of natural bodyriot.

Word of the Curator:

Festival of Naked Forms  /FNAF/ is a mono-thematic multi-genre festival with a predictable and yet inconceivable subject matter.

The title alone reveals the aim of the various events and perhaps liberates us from being overly fixated on the topic. We can overcome our shame at home and then experience the other meanings that nudity may have in different contexts and interpretations.

The first year I started with an ambitious challenge: „Dear artists, please classify your naked art action as either ‘Day of Critical Nudity’ or ‘Day of Hedonic Nudity!’” This curatorial idea didn’t quite work out – the first day was empty, the second overflowing! I wanted to say and to hint at the fact that nudity reveals not just itself, but by taking off my clothes in a corner of the room, I can call attention to the wrongs happening in the opposite corner! It’s enough to get everyone to spontaneously turn away from my nudity.

 The second year of FNAF didn’t look into how we feel in our nakedness anymore. We put all the artists under collective guilt. We called their nudity the national nudity and watched their nudity to grow with pride and shrink with fear.

In the third year we start with the idea that the essence of performance is very old. Old are the bodies of the performers who get undressed since the 1970s. Old are their gestures, mimicked by the young bodies of new artists. Who from our field of work can say he stays young when nakedness is as old as the human kind? Offended artists are heard, calling for the category of soul and its condition to be in the play again. The third year of FNAF is thus presenting artists old and young in body and mind as well as the buck-passing combinations of an old body with a young soul and vice versa.

The topic of ageing in nakedness will be the main theme of the conference which welcomes contributions from the field of humanities, art theory, art practice as well as completely independent thoughts. This is an open challenge for everybody. The goal of the conference is to give naked word to the naked body.

The festival’s aim is to differ from other art performance festivals exactly by pulling in the out-of-art representatives and apostles of various kinds of nakedness.  The festival is not going to be a mere spectacle, the participation of the audience is very important, be it in workshops, in the conference, in discussions or in the freely accessible space performances in the fantastic premises of Perla, which  will make a perfect backdrop for bodies young and old, Czech and world-wide.

The festival is organized with financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Lenka Klodová

Conference speakers /in process/:

Mgr. Blanka Činátlová, Ph.D., Institute of Czech Literature and Comparatives, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University

Prof. PhDr. Ivo Jirásek, Ph.D., Faculty of Physical Culture, Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic

Jakub Šofar, editor, publicist and prose writer

Mgr. Andrea Vatulíková, PhD student at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology

Participating artists /in process/:

  1. Peter Kalmus /Slovakia/
  2. Beate Linné /Germany/
  3. Christian Schmidt – Chemnitzer /Germany/
  4. Non Grata /Estonia/
  5. Sergio Mora /USA/
  6. Junnu Savolainen /Finland/
  7. Pave Koo /Finland/
  8. Patrick Jambon /France – Germany/
  9. István Kovács /Hungary/
  10. Nenad Bogdanovič /Serbia/
  11. Willem Wilhelmus /Finland/
  12. Arti Grabovski /Poland/
  13. Przemyslaw Kwiek /Poland/
  14. Martin Zet /CZ/
  15. Jiří Surůvka /CZ/
  16. František Kowolovski /CZ/
  17. Petr Lysáček /CZ/
  18. Jakub Tomáš Orel /CZ/
  19. Vladimír Havlík /CZ/
  20. In Sáček Veritas /CZ/
  21. David Helán /CZ/
  22. Kača Olivová /CZ/
  23. Václav Stratil /CZ/
  24. Darina Alster /CZ/
  25. Ateliér tělového designu /CZ/
  26. Lenka Klodová /CZ/

Guest theorist:

Malgorzata Kazmierczak /Poland/



About FNAF: F.N.A.F. - I.

01.09.2017 11:00 - 03.09.2017


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