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Cécile Paris opens her worlds to us through her seemingly simple photographs and video works.She is called Paris after the city, but this does not mean that she confines herself to its borders. She loves movement, learning about the country, storytelling, and she enjoys giving others the chance to travel. Each picture opens up a spiritual perspective. She makes photos as she breathes. In the…

Flyingcity is a group of artists which researches and criticizes the urban culture and the reality of urban geography. Flyingcity is specifically interested in the transformation of the urban community influenced by the formation of urban structure in Seoul, and the alternative way of thinking about the city of ongoing growth conditioned by over-density and over-accumulation. In the meantime, it…

They threw me out of school because I regularly missed final exams, and now the end of May came around and with the hectic charge of the month I was reminded of exam time once again. It all started with the awarding of the new Tranzit Award. Only the fact that in half a year it would repeat itself again stops me here from calling it the Event of the Year. All the same it was an event most of all…

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Tranzit Tranzit is a new activity for the support of contemporary art in central and eastern Europe. The colossus Erste Bank Group has patronage over it and so it is possible to expect that it will not get into the usual financial problems and will be able to accomplish its plan, which has no time frame. And it seems that after a long time we are not talking about a petty project, but a…

If we are to believe that the Tranzit prize-winner was to be kept secret until a special announcement, then Norwegian artist Jesper Alvaer, who resides in the Czech Republic, is suspiciously clairvoyant. For on the very day the three-member committee officially crowned him, he gave an accompanying seminar for Tranzit. Not in the muggy auditorium, but directly in the environment he wished to…

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