DIVUS LONDON: Three Sided Football Cup in Deptford and Greenwich | hosting famous coach Redas Dirzys from Alytus
[b]Three Sided Football Cup in Deptford and Greenwich[/b]  | hosting famous coach Redas Dirzys from Alytus

Three Sided Football Cup in Deptford and Greenwich | hosting famous coach Redas Dirzys from Alytus

19.03.2016 12:00 - 25.03.2016



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3 Sided Football, Developments of SiTuometry in Quantum Superimpositional Chromodynamics and Total Critique of Psychopathic geoMetry of Bourgeoisie (3SF-DOSTIQ-SCAT-COP-MOB)

March 19th-25th, 2016, Deptford and Greenwich

Three sided football has now been with us for 50 years – of which it is only the last 20 that have witnessed its experimental realisation. In true cybernetic fashion, the more it has been explored, the more the feedback from each game has allowed its arena of operation to expand.

Three sided football was developed by Asger Jorn in 1962 - ostensibly as a metaphor for explaining how his theory of triolectics could be understood in a real world situation. In reality - three sided football was actually a deceptively simple way of conveying the complexities of his entire life’s work.

When it was picked up Fabian Tompsett and London Psichogeographical Association (LPA) in 1994 and the first game was actually PLAYED, three sided football was seen simply as a means of vitalising tedious debates on Anarchism into dynamic lived experiences.  Today Three sided football is being played on an increasing basis around the world – with new and exiting possibilities for its understanding emerging at a startling rate.

So what we want to explore today is to look at how three sided football operates as a multi layered transformative cultural morphology – shape shifting like a viscous flow through every arena into which it has been introduced. Like a hydra – three sided football has started growing exponentially with every iteration – each of which superimposes itself onto the original conception, enriching, complexifying, and diversifying. With the sum of every part being greater than the whole – the expansion and diversification of three sided football is starting to be understood as the means of its true expression.

Superposition/Superimposition – it is a very appropriate way of looking at three sided football for it requires us to look at 3sf not only as a game played by kicking a ball around a field – or a forest if you live in Lithuania – but as a game within the context of culture. That is what we already started to explore during the Alytus psychic strike biennial‘s events as a reaction to the processes of spectacularization of 3SF into a psychopathic geometry in the First 3 Sided Football World Championship held in Silkeborg in 2014.

We are deeply interested to join Lithuanian wild forest animist potential (mostly located in Stratford) with 3SF postimperialist philosophy football originated in Deptford and long living psychogeographical traditions developed in London into a kind of transformative morfology or simply a set of constructed situations.

Taking as a format famous formula of Marx that the true free person would be a hunter in the morning, a fisherman afternoon, and a shepherd in the evening, and a critical critic in the night we will therefore develop it into a situographying in the morning, digging afternoon, football playing in the evening and being critical critics in the night. The plan is to explore as much of Deptford‘s and nearby more or less public spaces testing it triolecticaly as far as kicking the ball lets to go and there will be used the mostly “cultural“ places which remids forests (so far I am from Lithuania) - mostly in overgrown cemeteries (where we might encounter teams of dead workers perhaps?) - and certainly any number of parks, although we could perhaps branch out (no pun intended) into other terrains.

Later in the evening there will be critical sessions in DIVUS gallery to conclude experiences and to set up plans for the upcomming day.

The event is intended to be collaborative superimposition of multitude of organizations - Alytus Biennial Reversion into Abolition of Culture And Distribution of its Aberrant Bacillus Right Abroad - Committee (ABRACADABRA-C), The New Cross Triangle Psychogeographical Association (NXTPA), Strategic Optimism Football (SOF), 3 Sided Football Deptford League, Cambridge Letrist And Situationist Society (CLASS), REproductiVe wOrkers and Lovers indUsTrIal uniON (REVOLUTION), DEad WOrkers Union (DEWOU), imigrants‘ (including Lithuanians from Stratford) organizations and more - into a singularuty (Wahdat) of DAta Miners & Travaileurs Psychique.

More about Three Sided Football Cup
More about and by Redas Dizrys
Download NXTPA Report on Alytus

Book "Let's be Part of The System" by Redas Dirzys

Supported by Lithuanian Culture Institute

19.03.2016 12:00 - 25.03.2016


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